Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Do this!

From today's Facebook note for my friends:

My dearest DEAREST friends. Not only did we get to 4000, we got to over 4200 as of this morning. You are blowing my mind. You are contributing to some serious underdog-running-with-the-wolves magic. There are ten days left for voting, and I am still about ten spots behind the least of the leaders in my category. I believe in my business and I believe in the power of my community. For these last ten days I am going to reward YOU for your care and time. There will be giveaways, there will be reciprocity. But mostly there is gratitude no matter the outcome: let's go be great together. And hey: what do you think about trying for 5,000 today? Think we can?!!?? It's outrageous just like a good goal should be. I LOVE you. xoxoxoxo

A little over a week ago I wrote to you requesting some serious ooomph. It has come. I am in the running, just some ten paces behind the biggest leaders in my category.

This is redundant for so many of you who I know by name and face who are voting their six votes every day: to you I say thanks in abundance.

To those who have not voted yet - it is so easy and takes way less time than reading this did. Choose an email address. Choose a password. Vote six times a day. Boom.

My goal today is to exceed 5,000 votes. If every blog follower (all 320 of you) votes six votes even just for today we'll do that and then some.

I am crossing my fingers that you join the energetic and fun race! There are ten days left for general voting. There will be giveaways

so 'like' away and get in the running.

and thank you from the bottom of my heart.