Friday, September 27, 2013

Turquoise Magic Spells and Continuation of the Failure Series

Friends, I am running on coffee.

Sleep has been fitful as the Muse is visiting and HOW.
I eat color, forgetting to feed my mouth.
This week it is turquoise that nourishes the most
and as the earrings came out of their polishing places
they got decked out in blue.

Kingman, all.

and juicy sweet Chrysoprase on this lovely flower.
Green and blue all over.

The unrest of assimilating a new soul into our house also plays into the tired
of my limbs.
Slow, slow slow it goes: Lil' Joe lives in the Mudroom for now, content to watch the girls through the glass doors, content with trips out to smell the house with doors safely shut.
He's so easygoing, Janey seems to be as well but Leela?
She is a fucking TIGER.
I love it: I love the cat she's becoming. 
And yet I hope she will ease up enough to let this little tigger be a happy member of the brood.

The studio has been extra respite-y this week, smelling so good and 
yielding such beautiful fruits.

I played with balance even more than before as the Failure Series continues: so much fun, so many smiles and sighs as these earrings came to be.

they're all in the

as I type

and as I type the babe sleeps
and Jane has wedged herself on my lap,
her head on my right arm, bobbing with each word that comes loose from my fingers.

Time has been a dangerous driver this week, come and gone at alarming rates
of whoosh and zoom...what?
Where did it go?
Where's the fire?!!

Things still burned themselves into my heart and mind, though.
That's good. 
It was not like driving for miles and realizing that you cannot recall a single road sign or
there was attention paid

There were stories written.

And how are you, friends?
How have you fared this week?

What magic did you unearth?

I hope you find time today to do something lovely for yourself
or rest

if that exists somewhere....


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