Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumnal Gem Magic Spells

This week was brimming with power,
with good grounded power
and the wonderful permission to wield it well.

What's a designer to do with such a bounty?
Make Magic Spells for wonderful women, that's what.

What a rich pleasure to fill every element with its own prayerful energy
and then sit back and watch as my nimble hands work the connections
into a whole.

These four pairs of spells honor the season, the going inward
most of the things I've tried to ignore or wish past every other year.
This time it is different here.
There is so much to celebrate, so much to show my son!
Look Orion, this is fall! The leaves are on fire!
The light sits at a different angle!

But down at the heart of it all life is still burning!
Maybe just the smallest ember lives,
but when Mother Nature strikes her baton in March
it quickens and catches
and we have spring.

Until then there will be lots of books,
lots of tea,
lots of blanketed snuggles and the scribble of pencil on sketch paper.

We're getting the last shock of color here before the majority of our leaves let go
trees on fire like little art installations on the city streets.

Orion's grasp of sentence structure grows stronger every day.
It's exciting, it's quick and not very well-documented.
I thought I'd be more adept at that aspect of motherhood
but I am sure every mother has thought they'd be something more
than the moments allow.
He is fed and smiling and golden: that is enough.

I will be posting these delicacies to the Metal Shop
throughout the day as naps allow

If any of them sing "Let us adorn you!"
please send me a convo.

I love these weekly roundups, I love checking in here.
How are you all doing?
Please let me know.

With love,

1 comment:

pencilfox said...

love these earrings:
the colours.
the drape.

and beautiful you. i love *you*.