Monday, November 4, 2013

Sword and Shield

Do not mistake the power of my femininity for something surface:
I have no interest in being pretty or nice.
I am here to be of service.
I am here to go deeper.


A woman's goodness cuts through pain and pierces the 
hardest heart with a love so tender and full that
its mere absence wounds.

I am reminded of my purpose everyday living here in this broken world
with its wealth of beauty and sickness
and wonder.

The only perfection is nature's
and so I arm myself with flowers
and shield myself with feathers
that I might brave all that's wrong
to do right.

for your inner everyday warrior.



Cat said...


i stand with you
love and light

mairedodd said...

i could not have said that better myself, with days to try. every single day i marvel at the lessons nature provides - of balance and beauty. but i equally marvel at the wisdom and power of the heart - and how (for me) maintaining the open heart is one of the most rigorous practices i have committed myself to.
you touch me every single day with your power - the world is fuller because of you.