Friday, November 8, 2013

To The Moon

It is the nighttime when I get sentimental
when I spin waltzing with gratitude for my son,
for my life.

I've long had it in my mind to make this very necklace  
but things take longer with my son,
with this season of life we are in.

It is night when I get to snuggle with Joseph in the big chair
reading something good
and dozing off early.

It is night when I fall apart with worry about this world
or pull myself together to meet the challenge of another day as a sensing soul living here.
To be brave for Orion
to protect and guide him well.

From the back windows of this cottage we've been afforded a wonderful view of the full moon
and sometimes if the weather is warm enough I like to sit 
on the mudroom stoop
and let it bathe the familiar greenery
in magic
and mystery.

It is night when all the voices with all the reasons subside
to whispering
and the groundless chasm is almost a comfort:
if the world were always light we might all go batshit
without the cool rest
night proffers.

Here's to the dim
and the spinning stars,
here's to the Orion constellation returning triumphant
for his winter tour

To the Moon
and her quiet healing
done nightly
for free.

This Moon Magic Spell necklace will be in the shop this evening
along with two pairs of Hydrangea earrings

one doubled with ruffled and wee as they come

the other slightly larger and just as beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.


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