Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spirit of Summer

Composed of sterling Hydrangea Petals and THE most amazing Queensland Agate from Australia
this ring captures the spirit of summer.
It is all warmth and balm and soft blossoming.

Wearing it to take pictures it felt like a proper talisman that could ward of any chill
or protect from any freeze.
Powerful warmth in this one.

In this agate there are bands of ivory and bands of sun,
and a deep charge of cherry-orange flame at one edge of the oval.

The whole of it is quite like a sun with the richest rays of petal
and dewdrops of sterling.

Has the stone melted something hard in you?
It does that.

The band is a richly textured hammered affair and fits a size seven finger.

It will blaze its way into the 

later today



robin e. sandomirsky said...

oh dear. i love everything. i shall just have to move in with you.

Aga W said...

And me! :)

Cat said...

bring on the summer!!!!

love and light