Friday, March 28, 2014

The Sun Lights the Moon

I spent two days as a single parent this week. I've never had more respect for those whose parenting is done without a partner: it's mind-blowing.

I found my nights to be the saving grace: the time to connect with my friends 
and the time to be quiet and creative.

I celebrated the moon-rise as much as I always cheer the sun's ascent.
I taught Orion about how the sun and the moon cycle through the sky, about the stars
and the seasons.

Night can be so restorative, so calming. 

I want to tell you about this miraculous moon, about how I nearly nibbled my hand off firing it,
fervently praying I could hold on to the swiftly-passing sugar phase
of fusing because geez would it ever add a layer of incredible realism to the moon...

and it worked. The diligent watching worked. 
There were cartwheels done across the grass to celebrate.
I smiled for days: firing is a such a delicate thing and so full of unexpected gifts and failures
that you just ride this adventurous wave
and see where you end up.
Santa Cruz?

On the back of the necklace is the imprinted texture of a leaf Orion handed to me with
great happiness on one of our neighborhood nature walks. 
There is a magic in his touch that lends itself to such a piece.
My son is just as much a part of my work as he is every other aspect of this life.

It seemed so fitting that the counterbalance to this solitary moon
is the energetic imprint of a living Sun, vibrant and in constant motion.

The sum of a full day, front and back.

this moon necklace holds those warm and centering energies
for you.

In the

later today.


1 comment:

pencilfox said...

now *that* is one lovely piece….
but it almost nibbled your hand off?!

bless your heart for attention pay'd to orion.
he's your first concern….and that's what makes him such a special little soul.