Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two Whole Years

Oh sweet reason for so much of my being

You are two today
and so is the part of this life where my title is 'mama'

I feel like a little salt water fountain
watching you play with small tools that will help make a garden this summer
toys that are not general-infant-cuteness but instead specific 
and just to your liking.

Two years ago you were a little early and just breathtaking in your fresh beauty
and I was lost and besotted and bleeding and confident in my instinct and my fear. 

Two years ago at this time Anthony and I were eating our catered meal at the hospital in a suite with dim lighting and constant comforting care, nurses lighting in and out
like fireflies taking more blood to make sure I was okay,
checking on you and the fluid you were clearing from your earth-side lungs.

The evening was settling over the green hills near the hospital and we were exhausted and responsible and foreign to ourselves and each other.

Hormones were tsunamis and love was the sun and nights were pure dread
with me milk-soaking the sheets if you slept too long
staying awake with all my might to nurse you, wondering at my own fortitude
and then suddenly we are old seasoned pros here, sleeping all three tucked together like we've existed in this entwine since time began
easy as Sunday morning
and twice as comfortable

Your Daddy is extra funny
and he loves you so much it's unreal,
how did he exist before you? 

You are one plus one.
You are so capable and yet so hell-bent still on your own destruction in new and funny/terrifying ways.
You've got the furrowed brow down to a science
and a zeal for wrestling and being tickled behind your knees
you loved your cake which I am STILL tired from baking yesterday,
everything from scratch because I am ridiculous.
Crunchy-granola obsessed with your foods being as organic as possible.
You will have an IV drip of corn syrup surely when you wriggle out of my healthy grasp,
but for now your butter is eye-rollingly local and your sugar fair trade.

You are so tall
so strong
so wonderful I can't even bear it.

Last night when Oma and I gave you a bath you said "I'm naked! Oh my GOSH!"
and we laughed like hyenas.

Thank you, little prince, little kind despot.
Thank you for being our boy, for every single second we've been gifted to love you
and introduce you to the wide-open possible world.

Two years of wonder so complete I can scarcely believe I lived before you did.
I'll tell you the stories when you are grown enough, the tales of how I came to be your ever-loving mama, the story of how I found the heart of everything important
on earth in you.



Brandi said...

Beautiful, Allison. A joyous anniversary of his birth, and to yours as a mother.

catie said...

so beautiful.
and so universal.

jordan said...

exactly. so beautifully written! happy birthday beautiful little man and happy Birth Day to you, lovely, amazing, eloquent and graceful mama. sending you love. xoxo

sassysistersink said...

two whole years!
two of the very best years that i've ever watched unfold on a blog.
your love is deep, mama!

Cat said...


love and light