Monday, July 6, 2015

Present Moment Clutch

Right there, at the center of all things
At the top of this forever-now
 rests a place where wonderment and risk are married

where the infinity of what's possible
thrills and terrifies and spellbinds our animal brains.

Will we thrive?
Will we die?
Will there be stasis?
Never for long.

Sometimes we hesitate to reach out of what feels safe
because we know that being bitten is just as much of a possibility as being caressed.
I think regret might be worse.
Regret is a deathbed for thousands of worthy threads we never followed,
all the bright ribbons that whispered, "this way!"
as we stood rooted in our desire for something constant.
For safety.

All of the risk-takers I know live in technicolor.
They use fear as their seasoning, counting on it as a companion not-always wise but always present.
If everything is a risk
and we get to decide how we dance with that, these folks are 
doing the twist atop a swan float party boat on the river Styx.
Or very quietly finding the groundless center of their lives on a meditation cushion.
All effort is brave and worthy.

Here's what I know:
you cannot get small enough
humble enough
or isolated enough
to avoid that stunning verdant scaly visitor.

All we know for certain is that we're alive and at some point we die.
you either cower in the dark
or reach for the light
or fucking conga-line the shit out of this
present moment.

So? So.

I'll see you on the dance floor, Star.

Fine double milled veg-tanned leather
tooled and painted and stitched
lined in blood red suede
wild war-paint touches of crimson and turquoise chevron spikes
Southwest-inspired turn latch
warm and wild
in the

later today

I just got back from Washington state a few days ago. I spent four days surrounded by friends and love, where one of my best girls sat with her own eternal now,
one that is sharp and beautiful and painful.
In her now she monitors and combats cancerous cells
and also she gardens.
She attends constant doctor's appointments
and builds jewelry from scratch.
She lives on the knife edge
where grief and bravery
and grace and humor

In her now she is bitten. Blooming still.
In her now she is gifted.
Walking through the fire.

We've started a GoFundMe page
for her treatment and healing:





Janel said...

So lovely of you to create a way to support and show love to Kelly in her now A! I donated and I am so thankful you all are brave enough to share such a personal intimate life moment....I hope everyone is moved to share in any way they can...much love you birds..

Joanna DeVoe said...

So creative! And awesome!

pencilfox said...

i see the symbolism in your recent work, and i see you are working through your own feelings.
how lovely to put these feelings into your art....your beautiful artwork....