Friday, August 10, 2007


The sun rose, I photographed and listed the bracelet...I feel attached to it, as I do when I create anything that feels dear or important or which has been swirling around the head for a long time...there's an intimacy there. I might need to make one for myself, too :)
I love getting up in my PJs and setting about to photograph and list...I have been finding a ryhthm to this shop-owner experience, and mine begins at 8:30 with the listing of last night's creations. I say 'last night', but in reality it was FINISHED last night and most likely began days before. As much as I am diligent about customs I also have to be able to suss out dreams and continue realizing ideas, or I'd feel deadened.
After the listing there's breakfast and showering and going to the Post Office to mail out the things I sold, and I so need to start writing out fashioned letters. Side-Noted.
Then there's customs, working a bit on a few at a time so the design stays fresh and there's some variety of tools being used: keeps things sharp :) I am loving deeply what my custom customers have come up with lately: so fresh and fun.
Then there's reading break, and a walk on the beach if I can and then socializing with Schmilly or travelling to see a girlfriend and then at night I tool more than ever....why? I wonder. Perhaps my days are now longer than eight hours, but it's my dream and so it feels effortless.

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Sheri said...

this is so beautiful...