Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Overwhelming Thought...

Every second of every day someone is creating something, certainly there are times when that idea is a fraction of what's really happening: perhaps 2,000 works of art in one second? Who knows, really....it makes me think of a giant rose constantly blooming, a rose the size of the sun, lit like it had 100,000 candles inside making a noise so bass-rich and slow-motion-crackly that you have to cover your ears if you're close enough to see its motion...
Creation is never ending. I was looking in the mirror tonight, checking the way a newer necklace sits so that I can safely list it on Etsy and I thought, 'This particular design and particular combination of tooled leather, shell roses and antique brass chain has never existed before.' A small thought, but then it made me think of all the other artists all over the world marvelling over the fact that they had created something where there was previously basic elements to work with.
It's so overwhelming and gratifying. Even as I wrote this, 10,000 beautiful things were born out of patience and inspiration.
How sweet is life?

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C & L said...

Allison, I love to ponder all that came out of God speaking the world into creation (one time!) and that creation continues to multiple and unfold, unfurling for us each day His secrets and grand surprises that He has planned all along! :)