Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Pretty Girl

**Happy Sigh**

One full day back from NYC and I am full of gratitude for a trip that was so perfect, even in 95 degree heat...and I came back to my Schmilly and Jane and Jones and my studio, full of wonder at how good life is. I survived and thrived in the featured position: I have a long list of customs that I am diligently working on, and I am restocking all of my pretty packaging: the last seven or so packeges went out in bubble wrap. I love having them ship in little white boxes and cotton clouds. Not that there's anything wrong with bubble wrap...
I am also restocking findings and such, and I feel like a little squirrel getting ready for winter. I plan on having a deliciously full shop for the holidays, and the new ideas that are coming are just so much fun.
Here is a picture of my prettiest koi maybe ever, color-wise. I love them all equally, but she is really colorful.

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