Tuesday, August 21, 2007


When I was little I had a thing for color in fashion...if there was a shirt I wanted to have it in three or four colors, if not more. I remember when "the Limited' was the big store in my neighborhod, and they had these layering henleys...one summer vacation the whole ride home I dreamed of which colors I would layer and which I would put around my waist...
I made this flower necklace in peach and white and discovered a way to make a bracelet from the same design in pink and white, and now all I can think of, salivating, are what color combinations are next. The flower design and the type of leather I am using gives all choices a softness I covet. I am dreaming of the colorful possibilities of this bracelet like the Outback Red henleys of my youth. I guess that means I have to make one for myself :)

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