Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The largest of journeys starts...

With a single idea. Like making the koi necklace, having no idea where to start, but guided by an excellent mental picture that thankfully haunted me porperly until I made it real. Thanks, necklace ghost!

"Twerpie, let's do the cross-country trip soon!" ( says my father three years ago )

A big journey starts verrrrry early tomorrow morning. A plane trip to Pittsburgh and then? A long drive with my father. My parents are indeed still together, but my father took me out to L.A., rescued me from New Jersey and a heart-rending live-in-boyfriend situation, drove me to college, etc. This is something he has mentioned much more than once since I moved out here: the chance to do it all again.

Something about us and the open road brings closeness and understanding. And he's a goodly portion white knight, too.

This time we cart loads of delicious antiques for my new home with Anthony: eight-legged marble topped table, Early Tiffany style lamps, marble-topped dresser with hand-carved grape leaf pulls and a four foot tall mirror...sumptuous high-backed upholstered chairs in colors like berry stain and scarlet....my parents moved into a smaller house and are passing the bounty on to me, as tends to happen with generations.

This time my father and I will take the northern route, for the leaves. As a fall baby I have missed the leaves for four years now. Not this time :)

Hopefully there will be pictures from the road!


The Noisy Plume said...

Thank you for that link.
Thank you so much.

Katherine said...

Ooh, this sounds like an amazing journey. And such a great time of year to drive west!