Friday, October 5, 2007

On the Road Again

San Fran and the Bluegrass Festival this weekend, and then off to Pittsburgh and across this land that is your land and my land with my father. Then back home. Then a big gig. And a smaller gig. And back to the grindstone with my creative ideas.
Can you tell I am totally living in the moment?
( that was a joke, just in case )
Made a necklace that makes me want to be still, if only to remember certain things.

It is the moon. The moon I sigh over and exclaim to Anthony, "It's a perfect crescent!!" -- or -- "It's Waning!!" with an urgency that makes it seem as though I am witnessing its exotic changes for the first time.

Anthony is my Sun. A blonde, exceptional sun.

I think Jane and Jones are Venus and Uranus. ha!! Haaaaaa!!!!!

Perhaps I should quit my tooling and mine my comedy gold at The Laugh Factory ;)

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