Friday, October 12, 2007

Uh ohhhh.....

Went home to Pittsburgh to commence trip, got food poisoning. Ack! The two or so times I have gotten ill in L.A. I have definitely wept for the lack of my mother, because when you're sick she's awesome, isn't that so?
And here I am, with her. And my Poppy. She made me homemade chicken soup, and I am struggling to digest it.

Orders are happening in my absence, and I need to walk Schmilly through the packing process tonight.

In spite of a lack of focus and tummy pain, there is something amazing about being in the bosom of those who created you when you're under the weather.

Here's to a speedy recovery :)

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C & L said...

You're in our prayers, Allison! Hang in there!