Friday, November 2, 2007


Sometimes, ideas are born of flow, other times they are born of slogging through the proverbial mud. I had visitors from all over the country for weeks, and I was the visitor as well in many different cities. Sometimes when that good whirlwind passes, there is a sadness that creeps in and renders one bed-bound for days.
Not. this. time.
Yes, that is right: I used the fuel behind my sadness and made calls, sent emails, did, cleaned in small baby steps, organized things. I was rewarded by a song that has written itself out of my sheer force of determination and I was also rewarded by this necklace.
In cleaning out the studio I found that there were scraps of things and bits of designs I had never fully explored and tonight I was the Magellan of Leathercraft.
I discovered a new land: a necklace that is 90% leather and ten percent brass.
Land, ho!!!!!!
I will be making and listing another version on Etsy soon: this one's mine :)
I rarely keep anything yummy for myself, but I feel very much in love :)

Tomorrow I begin my first class in a series of six on silversmithing.
New land indeed :)

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The Noisy Plume said...

Oh this is lovely.

SILVERSMITHING! Tell me how it goes:)