Sunday, November 11, 2007

Necessary Upgrades

My wonderful Fiance helped me create a postcard. OK, he said, "Choose 12 items you love best" and then he made a postcard for me, asking my advice on some of the layout. Sometimes his generosity of spirit just blows my mind to bits.
I don't profess to be an expert when it comes to Photoshop. I am still in love with effects and such, 'lensflare' has not lost its thrill for me, especially since "Sunny" is a part of my business name.
His sense of delicacy, and yet his strong sense of the eye's instinctual path is just
Behold :)


Vintage Blue Studio said...

That's a great looking postcard he made for you! I'm really impressed by your work and if you wanna send a postcard or two my way I'd be more than happy to put it up at my office. Lots and lots of people in their 20's there. I'm one of them, lol and I'm eyeing your work as a christmas present to myself!


Sunny Rising Leather said...

That is mighty awesome of you, Diana.
Thank you kindly :) Niceness gets repaid, you know!

Katherine said...

Yay! My black koi made it into the postcard!

That pet collar is making me nostalgic :)

Mikiye Creations said...

You both did a fantastic job with the card! How LUCKY are YOU!?!
Nice work!