Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Has its own Harvest

Oh, fall.
So maligned after the leaves vacate. How perfect that on a day that reminds me wholeheartedly of fall days in Pittsburgh ( by L.A. standards this is frigid ) I made a necklace that sings the praises of LATE fall. Not early fall, but late.
November has also spawned some things I adore more than green leaves ( or as much as )
1. 'November Rain' by Guns and Roses
2. Moody walks in the chilly grey, watching the last leaves let go
3. The luxurious feeling of drinking hot tea, curled up with a book under a handmade afghan next to an antique lamp
4. Thanksgiving dinner....yummm!!
5. Scarf wearing. Yesss!

I am certain there are more, but I have a book to read and tea to brew.
And a little bit of light headbanging to do to GNR.


Katherine said...

ooh, I love the new necklace! Very late-fall.

And I swear, something happens in my bones when any GNR song comes on, ESPECIALLY November Rain. ;-)

The Noisy Plume said...

ooh yes:

"...The solo's real long
But it's a pretty song..."
[Regina Spektor::On The Radio]

j'aime beaucoup the colors of this one...isn't it amazing how a design can exponentially improve over time?