Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Fullness of Time

'The Fullness of time is here' is a quote I have long loved. This day, I found many pieces I had worked on when I first started crafting, having put them aside for grander things, or because the piece they belonged to didn't quite work. Today I had the idea that they belonged in a collage whose background, yet uncreated, will say " The fullness of time is here" with stars like a night sky. These lovers of mine deserve such: they were my 'firsts': my ideas that came to fruition and missed the mark by a few inches, like spare pieces of sterling still having value if melted down.

These are my melting efforts, and I am so excited to see the project finished, because today is one of those cleansing days when the closet gets aired out, things get sent to Goodwill the leather shop gets overhauled. Quite literally, with the creation of this piece that melds together all points in my experience with leathercraft, the fullness of time IS here.

My heart goes out to the Plume today: she is in my prayers and thoughts. I am express mailing hugs her way every ten minutes or so. xoxo.


The Noisy Plume said...

...are you sure you didn't send them via fed-ex overnight??? because they are arriving so quickly one after the other that the fullness of one has not yet left when the next arrives.

thank you friend.
thank you.


Katherine said...

this is so beautiful, and such a fantastic idea.

I'm taken with this quote: "All things shall be revealed in the fullness of time." There's something about that language that just speaks to me.