Monday, April 7, 2008

(mis)adventures in silversmithing

Harumph, says I. I decided to take a class in bezel setting, as I really really want to incorporate little bezel cups into my work with leather, and I chose the wrong gauge bezel sheet: 24 instead of 28. It just wouldn't go over the edges of the stone, a gorgeous boulder opal from Australia, so I kept pushing and pushing and pushing until my left thumb went numb. I had a gig that night, and couldn't play piano, so my dearest Matt, musical brother to me, played guitar and we still had the world's best time.
As of today I have a little sensation in my thumb and the overwhelming desire to purchase a Smith Little torch and change the configuration of my workspace to seriously include all things smith-like. I have been bit by the bug, and regardless of the discomfort I feel it is very important to keep growing into newness and excellence. It doesn't always start pretty. Here are a few pictures of my partially set opal. When the teacher was polishing my piece the jump ring caught the wheel and it flew across the room, so the jump ring has taken on a shape :)


Good Girls Studio said...

me thinks you beat yourself up too much! It looks great & that stone is beautiful :)

..isn't it sooo fun to try new things!?!


looks lovely from here. opal's are so beautiful.

The Noisy Plume said...

opalishious you silly bird:)