Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beginner Questions

So today I used my Creme Brulee torch to start the adventure that is silversmithing, thanks to the expansion of my workspace:

There's room for everything!!! I made a really simple silver band and a pair of wispy earrings that I actually listed on Etsy. I have so many questions that I wish I could get answers to: how do you make a ring a foolproof size if you're going to hammer it? How do you make uniform shapes? It was by sheer luck that my earrings curved in opposite and uniform ways, thank goodness :) Being that my creme brulee torch is faulty ( locking mechanism doesn't work ) is it better just to bite the bullet and get something like a Smith Little Torch now, since I am pretty sure I am hooked?

And why is Jones calmly beautiful even when he's just been particularly rowdy?

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Andewyn Designs said...

Jones looks so sweet! I know how those innocent faces are... My Baxter can pull one so fast after he's been a terror of blazing white flashes through the house.

Your silver work is beautiful... Just a note, I have a Proxxon mini-torch that I got on Rio for not too much that works extremely well.