Friday, May 30, 2008

The Happy Worker Bee

This evening, to wind down from tooling leather, and just before I go in to sing at the piano, I decided to do some silversmithing. The amazing thing about doing this is rather complicated to explain, but so blissful:

When I get an idea in my head that's made of leather I have no choice but to follow it and make the item in question, and that normally involves a few dummy tries and a sense of aspiration to perfection. Not when I get out the torch and heat the pickle pot: I am once again a child in front of my lego set, building and playing with no one over my shoulder, with no expectations and only joy as my goal.

This is all evident in the picture, which shows me looking five and feeling just as free as that number indicates. In my mind I am running down grassy hills and catching fireflies, so great is my joy. ( Schmilly appeared in the doorway and said, "Turn around!" and this is what he saw I guess :) )

Here are a few pictures of today's wee projects, one of which will become my first Lariat Necklace ever: I have been wanting to make them for some time now.

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