Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Seal

I received a ring from my friend James a month ago and not just any ring: a gorgeous stamp ring with an ancient sun on it from a coin. I remembered somewhere in some drawer there was sealing wax.
I found fire - I melted - and here we are, the sweetest gift for a letter writer such as myself -

Could you have ever guessed that would happen, James dear?

I also got out and Barack-ed the Vote this morning:

Promptly afterward the hubby (!) and I went to Starbucks and I got my free tall coffee, which is my usual drink anyways. Today Anthony has a second interview with a company in Seattle. That makes me very excited/nervous as I don't quite feel ready to leave Los Angeles for a bevy of reasons. Hmmmmm... more on that soon.

So scattered: off to tool!

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dame said...

I just saw this - how happy I am to see the ring meet its true place, and become your signature of sorts. It was meant to be yours. Enjoy it! :)