Friday, November 7, 2008

Naptime for Jones and Jane

Today I found out we will NOT be moving to Seattle. Anthony is still looking hard for a job, but we are going to try to stay local: I danced a little inside when he first told me ( I would miss my friends more than I could even utter! ), but I was heartbroken for him: he doesn't take his joblessness lightly and this is kind of like a tumble down the mountain of hope for him.

Of course we're scared for the future as the gaming companies of Los Angeles are laying off workers at an alarming rate, but even if we both have to temp in order to keep our house we'll do it. I can tool and smith at night and work by day if need be.

We'll know more in the coming weeks, and certainly November and December will be dedicated to the Etsy shops and shows.

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