Sunday, May 6, 2012

Leap Day

This ring is a testament to the power of

And a great mother-in-law who came to love on the baby this weekend,
thereby allowing his mama time in the studio-
hours and hours and hours

and in those hours I hammered this spiculum flower out of a flat sheet of sterling.

In keeping with the abundance theme of sterling spheres and round gorgeousness,
this ring is called the Horn of Plenty
and it IS.

Sumptuously tall
Decadently deep
HEAVY with silver
paired with the prettiest cut of Utah Variscite you ever did see...

It practically shouts 


size 8

in the Metal Shop 

later this evening.



mairedodd said...

good for you! good for all of you, really...
what a gorgeous ring... the kind you obviously became completely immersed in...
concentrated on...
attended to...
kind of like how it is with baby o, isn't it?
a mini-birth -
created in love -

AnDee said...

...and also a testament to your amazing talent, skill, soul...

So, so lovely.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Maire - thank you so much - yes, it did get my all just as O does most of the time.
Funny thing is that by the time I was done and showered the dust off I was ravenous to hold him.
Starving :)

AnDee!! - thank you, my dearest Northern girl. xoxo