Thursday, May 3, 2012

Singing to the Late Spring Moon

I have very vivid recollections of my first mockingbird song
here in California

midnight, later in the spring:

my life had fallen apart

I had just returned from being flown to the Big Apple by the man I loved
where he sternly told me that the relationship had to change its boundaries (leave him open for more)
or end.

I relocated to California from New York a few weeks before this fateful visit
and all my dreams of togetherness fell apart


there was something about this state and the smell of the trees around my shitty apartment, something about the sound of the myriad bird songs
coming from one throat that comforted me
and worldlessly encouraged me to adapt
and accept that change had come
to my happy ending.

Holding the babe on my lap and watching his sideways smiles
made me think of putting a mockingbird amongst poppies singing up the late spring moon
on a raw-edged elk skin bag:

the embodiment of a natural mitzvah
that I get to send out into the world

a reminder that there are even happier endings to be had should your initial ideal come crashing down.

I look forward to posting updates on the making of this piece in the coming days and weeks!

Also on the path to completion:

two belt buckles -

one ladybug

one old-school tooling pattern orchid



WillowMetals said...

Gahhhh...Gorgeous lady, gorgeous! I love gazing at your leatherworks :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Those are just beautiful . . . and I am so happy about your happy ending.

Your new header photo is precious.

IsAug said...

Beautiful work!

Diana Hunt said...

Gosh, that is really something, that bird and his moon. You must want to shout for joy to see this beautiful thing come forth from your hands. I would!

Cat said...

no really
your work

love and light

Valerie Brown said...

One of the things I like about you, aside from your artistry, is that you've lived some life, learned and use your experiences in a beautiful way.

gallerydarrow said...

Beautiful Allison!

We currently have a mockingbird looking for a mate in full tilt!


MrsLittleJeans said... always have great stories...enjoy the weekend Allison! xx

Hollie said...

Absolutely amazing. Just beautiful.