Friday, August 10, 2012

Can a rock

I think I can safely say 'yes' after cabbing this handsome lug:
it's equal parts 80's hair metal guitar
and Stetson Cowboy commercial...

A Montana agate that wants to go 'make it' in Los Angeles
hitching a ride
to dreamland....

He's picked up by a family in their Dodge station wagon (this is 1987, of course!)
and befriends them all.
His gorgeous face and 'aww shucks' charm pleases the wife a little too much
and the married pair find their lives gently shaken up by the tall stranger.

There are diner scenes, car scenes, almost-sex-scenes followed by deep outdoor-windy introspection scenes.

Ultimately the marriage pulls through (with the cowboy's help, of course)
and the surly teenage son realizes he belongs out west under the open sky.
There are montages.
Musical montages
high bangs...

there are 80's movie life-lessons 
and lots of synth music.

Don't you want to see this?

Head over to the Lapidary Shop:
it's better than any film - it's real life!

I am also putting in the last of the Prudent Man from Vein #1 that I've got cabbed -
it doesn't get much more gorgeous than this scene.

Have a wonderful weekend, all:
may you be surrounded by friends, family and pets
with a cool drink in hand and warm thoughts in head.



Dee said...

You are a Goddess...
THE goddess.

So perfectly wrought...

I am in awe of everything you create. The pinnacle ~Orion, to the sublime ~ painted copper, to the heavenly ~your voice...You are all Muses in one!


Allisunny S. said...

My heart just did a cartwheel - these words are stunning to read. Thank you!!!

mairedodd said...

i think dee has the right of it... i missed your current posts and just read them... your post on baby o, the enamels, the stones - you are a deeply rooted, soul soaring woman... how lucky we are to have you sharing yourself here...

thewindhover said...

Those rocks are... well, absolutely oozing with appeal! Happy weekend!

Taddyporter said...

Oh I just laughed so hard!!! You are a great (and very funny) writer! And these cabbed stones are very personal aren't they? SO beautiful and unlike any I have seen.

Adoring that baby(man he is a gem or what? please lots of photos-I can't ever have enough of little man O)...

Your pal in Washington,
p.s. I think I may smell autumn in the air, what do you think?