Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 hours

Laguna Agate, personal collection 

This is what five hours of childcare on a Tuesday afternoon looks like:

love under a macro lens.

Not only did the babysitter seem to love our boy, she commented on what a calm and happy baby he was as she was leaving.

Chapinite Agate, 53mmX40mm

I got so much accomplished as I heard him giggle and coo from down the hall:
next week I hope to fire up the kiln and make some enameled pieces: this week I am focusing on lapidary and soldering.

And breathing: lots of gratitude and breathing! 

with stones like this in palm, who can help but breathe?

Moctezuma Agate, 40mmX31mm with healed fracture

They're as healing as a practitioner, as giving as a donor.

These five Beauties are going to be available in the 

shop this afternoon AND 
if you enter 'BLOGLOVE'
as a coupon code when you are checking out you get free shipping:
this offer ends tomorrow at noon, my time.

Priday Plume Agate, 35mmX28mm

The offer is a token of thanks for your readership and support:

I value them both immensely!

Fine thin slice of Prudent Man Agate, 35mmX13mm - some of the best coloration I've seen yet 

Today's aspirations are the making of a plum galette and 
the listing of these cabochons:
if your fancy beats me to the punch, I can reserve something ahead of time for you.

They are all my favorite, truth be told:
these are a long time coming, all in various stages of polish and shape

Coyamito Agate 28mmX26mm

Some dainty, like this Coyamito, some huge like the Chapinite...

All of them fit for a collection
or a beautiful piece

Of your own stellar work.