Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don't Waste It

Bone and Feather Earrings. Sterling Silver. Sculpted sterling bones.Gemstone and Shell Beads.

Wee Brass Petal Earrings. Handmade Sterling Ear Wire. Sterling Rivet.

Adjustable Sterling Silver Bone Ring, 6.5

Fixed Sterling Silver Bone Ring. Size 8.25

Bone Flower Earrings. Asymmetrical. American turquoise. Sculpted Sterling Bones.

Medium Bone Posts. Sculpted Sterling Silver.

Mini Bone Posts. Sculpted Sterling Silver.

Long Bone Posts. Sculpted Sterling Silver.

Bone Collector Royston Ring. Size 9

Two of a kind flower posts: petal and bloom. Sterling Silver.

This series is all about bones (with a few flowers thrown in because I cannot resist them), all about this one unique shot at life in this body.

This series is about grabbing every second that you can, about not lingering anywhere you don't want to linger for longer than you must.

Don't waste this breath or the next, neither of which were ever guaranteed to you,
both of which are total and complete miracles in which a complex system of chemicals and 
circumstances that have allowed life to exist, fragile and rare

There are so many bossy things I wanted to write to you, to myself.... but none of them could find their way out of my fingers with words
I built bones.

I built them out of sterling sheet and wire.

I sculpted them carefully and lovingly, each one taking on a life of its own,
asking a generous amount of time to be formed.

They are fierce reminders of the fact that we will certainly die,
one of a few absolute truths as a biological creature.
We are born and we die, two bookends of a life
both bookended themselves by an utterly exquisite and terrifying mystery
people die to defend
and no one could ever define while in a body

So, here we are on earth with ten million myriad choices every day
in community and solitude
in love and war

I hope every time you see these little bones you ask yourself these questions:
Are your moments serving you?
Are you serving them?
Are you giving with your whole heart?
Are you cultivating the finest things you can in yourselves and others?
 Make the answers 'yes'
and it will touch something
make something better
for someone:
what more can we do, what better thing can we do?

Open your eyes
breath in this fine air
and live the fuck out of this life
while it rests in your palm
like a tiny spark
that has known darkness
and will know it again
like an old friend

The Bone Series will be in the 

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P.S. - I guess I did find the bossy words.


pencilfox said...

i don't know, allisunny.
i do know this, though:
your words always make me think.
truly. they do.
so i'll say this:
i'm living the fuck out of this fine life.
and last evening, i witnessed others nodding their heads "yes, yes, i can identify."
so even when i feel i'm not making something better for someone else, obviously, i am.
obviously, i am living the fuck out of this life.

love you. xoxo

mairedodd said...

i am so deeply touched by this series. if i could i would have multiple pieces so that the reminder would always be present. and your floral pieces are always divine. with your work you say as much as one who writes a book on the topic - what a gift you have, and how wonderful it is that you have found it and hone it and share it.