Saturday, May 31, 2014

To You, Beautiful Dreamer.

For you, the one who has not been broken by life -
bent, to be certain
 a little bruised, perhaps
but not broken
by a long shot

You beautiful woman. Brilliant and tired. You keep rising with the morning sun
and doing it all again, things that feel rote and sacred
and necessary

I see you with that look in your eye, the faraway one
that means you're building worlds
out of wisps
sturdy as all hell
despite the delicate structure

and gentle though you may be when you're sweet
you lead warriors with your fierce heart

I cannot stop cradling this beautiful valentine to you
with its precious cut of fire agate 
and drops of carnelian blood

I want to tell you all about this little curled dreamer I've hammer engraved and 
carved out of the metal (hours and hours of precise intuitive work), leaving a pile of stardust under my feet.
She is happy in her vulnerable warm sleep.
She is tucked into a frond of jacaranda.

I made this honoring piece
because I am so proud of you
because I want to leave you with all my gratitude threaded through the molecules of sterling
and stone

to say 'thank you'
for continuing to grow and dream
in an impartial
world that 
breaks so many
to bits

In the 




Farm and Field said...

Allison. So beautiful. The piece, which I covet badly, and your fierce heart.

Cat said...

and she is gone.....bless the person who she belongs to

love and light