Monday, May 5, 2014

You Are Here.

You Are Here
With only two things to know for certain:
That you are drawing in a breath and experiencing a moment
that you will pass from this earth someday

You know, light airy stuff is what you really truly know.
Somewhere in between all the ways these limited truths make us feel
is a life we craft

It is so messy, living.
It is so utterly heartbreaking and hopeful
that I have days where I feel like every nerve in this body
is pulsing on the surface of my skin
and even a summer breeze hurts

There are lists, organizing the chaos
there are manifestos and artist statements
clarifying the great big splat of bones and meat and soul
and what we're attempting to do with it.

There's so much, too much to bear
and yet we bear it, those of us who are lucky enough to have the skills to do so.

At any moment there is a map of this life
and a click of recognition for our place on it:


Is 'Here' a good place for you?
Then make it so

Then bask.

With our limited hours and constantly exploding present moment
we are best served by making the very most of every single second
whether it's going the extra mile in self-care 
( a cup of tea with your Mad Men episode, perhaps? Feet Up!)
or giving as much as you can to relationship
or schooling
or a pet
or your sad spirit

Give it your all
and you will find a spectacular treasure
behind the space giving left

Fully embodying the terrific and challenging now
makes a braver and more interesting version of you every single day:
someone would be so lucky to run into you at a party and hear
your refreshing words
in a world that seems to value cool
and snark over an earnest heart

See the good
leave a loving touch
encourage the success of others
and spend each breath like it's a large bill

Because truly it is more valuable than coin
and as rare as touching a tiger


Where will you go next, Star?


I built this necklace for a seeker who appreciates a good old-fashioned map
and values the mark they leave enough to let it be lovely.

Nevada Turquoise
In-House Cabbed Horse Canyon Agate
Hammer engraved hand
Sterling Branch/Vein/Roadmap
Sculpted Sterling Bone
28 inches of Magic

In the 

later tonight



v said...

and your words: as always they are food for my soul.


Cat said...


love and light

Allisunny S. said...

V and Cat: MUAH, you beautiful creatures. xoxoxoxox