Friday, May 2, 2014

Delicate Garden Collection

Kingman turquoise Strong Root Necklace

These are the last of the roots, the last pieces in this wonderful series I have loved as much as my garden. Putting my hands deep into the earth and the worms and things past decay
has made a different woman out of me.

I have longed to put down roots in this house. Every year the temporary nature of renting
has pressed pause on my dreams
of tomato plants and vines climbing everywhere
planting that stubborn flag this year has made magic.

I have unearthed courage in dealing with fragile things,
newborn plants and wisps of life.

My roots are stronger for tending theirs.
I still worry every night about doing the wrong thing and coming out the back door to find it all
gone. I fret over when to water, over sunscald and stresses.

Gold rutilated quartz and scrubjay feather Root Necklace

My garden crept into my work.
So did gold rutile and Kingman turquoise and scrubjay feathers
from our little family that must be making this year's nest now.

The root series has been about mending and bolstering and grounding.
I will miss making these lovely nourishing things
but I am called to something more....bare. Soon.

Black Opal and Tattered Dragonfly Wing cuff with handmade toggle clasp
and burly kite chain

I delighted in these stones, in Orion smiling and gently holding "Mommy's Neck-a-lace"
as I polished them up to take pictures.

I will have these pieces in the shop at random today, hopefully all before that 
golden child of mine wakes from his now-long nap. 

I cannot tell you how much joy I get from knowing he has come to love naps.
Two years of fuss, two months of understanding....I'll take it.

Wee Brass Petals with Fine Silver Rivets on Handmade Sterling Ear Wires

I wish you the finest weekend.

I wish you the deepest roots


I wish you the most golden light that could possibly shine 

where you are planted.

To shop the last of this early summer's roots, pad over


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