Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flying Time

This is where my time in flying to: it's soaring through the air and 
putting inches and pounds and smarts on this guy.

He's tall and charming and funny and fair
and SO wordy.

We are teaching each other magic spells on the daily.
We are playing and talking and sharing the secrets of early summer wonder:
a big burly green garden
mud puddles (his MumMum is helping him out of one below!)
seeds blown about on the wind
hothouse tomatoes
sugar snap peas (would you believe Joseph loves them the most?)
later sunsets
cheek smooches

Days pass in a fog of being in love. Being away from him last weekend was superb for both of us.
When I picked him up at 5 am (after getting home around 11 pm) to pull him half-awake into the big bed he wrapped his arm around my neck and sleepily patted my cheek, falling asleep just like that.

He had a great weekend with his Daddy and Oma and Opa and I had the most amazing time
with my Dove and BC. I found my place in the pack.

I also found a few puzzle pieces I needed to seek out, places where I re-caught the rhythm of my own life without the mama part. Sometimes I even felt young and well-rested.
 I saw parents with toddlers and it hurt right in the center of my chest.
I felt guided and cradled and raw.

This week I taught my first leather tooling class:
seven students in the beautiful home of a wonderful woman I met through a dear friend and the 
Monterey Metalsmith Guild.

I trust there will be opportunities to teach again because I can scarcely believe 
how much it fit right into a little divot in my soul - "Aha!" Right where it always belonged.

As I write this my parents are here and we are getting in lots of grandparent time,
making lots of important memories. They are seeing the fullness of O, the emerging little boy with his happy shrieks and beautiful sense of play.

We are all so smitten we can barely stand ourselves.

I have a few incredibly warm and sweet pieces to share with you later this week,
likely Friday. 

In the meanwhile the studio is filled with all manner of magic
knitting itself into prayers for the right heart.

These are the odds and ends of my life right now:
and craft.

In bright light,


Joanna DeVoe said...

You're teaching classes! What a wonderful way to expand on & serve with your passion... NAMASTE -xo

MrsLittleJeans said...

Time flies indeed and I am glad you know how to use it magically...would have loved to be in your leather class...happy spring allison xx

Ashley Lauren Weber said...

You words here always catch the sweetest spot of your soul. You are a beautiful woman and mother and you merge both so beautifully. I am thankful to have gotten to know you little by little this year.