Friday, April 11, 2014

Mighty Might Growing Things Series

Big Diggins Agate Root System Earring, Singular Magic

Maple leaf imprint against your tender ear

Peach Blossom #2 Earrings. Sterling Silver.

Riveted Florida Fern and Jacaranda Seed Earrings. Raw Crystal. Brass. Sterling Silver.

Precious Larimar Root System Earring. Singular Magic.

Symbiosis Earrings. Sterling Silver.

All of these magical bits and bobs will find their way to the 


with a lot of love tucked in the molecules



nicole said...

Oh Allison, it wasn't very long ago that I bought some hydrangea petal earrings from you, but when I saw the bee-feather earrings, I knew they had to join in on the fun. I will be happily mixing and matching them following my day-to-day whims.

Your beautiful work is a delight.

pencilfox said...

perfect twigs!