Monday, April 7, 2014

Delicate and Tender Valentine

My mind is on gardening so much these days.
Orion and I are in the back yard (the poor three-summer-ignored backyard)
for hours at a time,
digging and talking and having our own version of fun,
both of us introverts at some level.

We are quiet there there just as much as we are boisterous.

I have never had my own garden before where I started seeds in the actual dirt:
I've previously bought hearty seedlings.
This new adventure feels much more intimate
and a little more...attached.

I've practically given each tender green shoot a name, a problem of mine since childhood:
it's a miracle I eat anything with this humanizing streak I have long been on.

I wanted to build jewelry that echoes this squiggly
beautiful journey of a young seedling
and after experimenting with a few different materials I found the perfect
gauge of shining sterling and perfect stones
for a valentine.

white shell
peach aventurine

These Seedling Earrings capture the fresh new sprouts
and the rain and the flowering and the season.

My signature draped chain
and dots of gemstone color
infuse this pair with lots of movement
and organic grace.

A carved mother-of-pearl pikake flower
indicates that the next chapter of the growth process
is afoot.

These will kiss your shoulder and your neck
and remind you that everything strives to grow and 
stretch into its most realized form.

May you find yours just as the tender shoots do in the rich soil of my garden.

In the

later this afternoon.



Lizzie Derksen said...

I understand that plant-affection. I do. Last summer when the stem on my pepper plant broke, I almost cried. And my joy was unbounded when my splint and tape saved it.

robin e. sandomirsky said...

oh, they are some beautifuls. i love the drape and swing. it makes me believe i'm a woman.

Cat said...

delicate beauty...and yet strong roots that hold all life
the balance of nature caught up in your are a reflection of all those things too my friend

all life is a part of it, i love to hear others speak as you do...I feel the same, every critter every plant in our yard and the vicinity I feel responsible for...last year I got a little over responsible for the birds in our bird house and almost killed them eeekkkk!!! Well not killed, but definitely disturber them greatly...but all settled and returned to normal and I stayed out of their husband shook his head and laughed at me...I cried lol

life is beautiful to watch unfold on every frontier.....

love and light ♥

pencilfox said...

these earrings are so very much like the tiny tendrils bursting forth in their spring growth.
you captured the essence, perfectly.