Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Mixed Metal Comfort Earrings

Sterling Silver Comfort Earrings

Seed Pod Comfort Earrings

Bone Series Bracelet with Fire Agate

I came to my bench the other night the way some arrive at a church,
just there to pray and thank and receive 

to offer all of the gratitude this beautiful life is worthy of
and weep a little for feeling lost.

As I sat with my sketchbook this wonderful little set of doodles kept cycling,
these little spiky/soft earrings
with multiple layers and 
delicate symbols
growing out of their middles
like a language

As I hammered quietly and worked the ideas into life
such a warmth and peace came over me,
like every little bit was soothing
and humming
and comforting me

I have not yet nor do I ever expect to have something like this happen to me,
to have arrived in studio to fabricate as a means of wrapping myself in what I know
having come from the outside world that felt too new and raw
and having the pieces born of that look like alien text
that so clearly reads as both protective and loving

I worked long and late.
I made a few pairs for you, too.
I hope they bring you comfort
when you need it most...
little shields
little paddles to the sea
little lilting voices
singing you home.


1 comment:

Violet Cadburry said...

Sunny - I just received my earrings and have to tell you they are simply gorgeous! Your artist's hand and love shows through every curve and connection. The construction itself is a thing of beauty. Keep creating, keep trying and keep the faith.
xoxox Bonddi