Thursday, July 10, 2014

Working from a Tender Place.

Durga Earrings. Hammered Brass. Sterling and Fine Silver. Chrysoprase. Ocean Jasper.

The Stuff of Stars Earrings. Quartz Shard. Hydrangea. Star. Comet Tails.

To the Moon Necklace. Sugar-fired enamel and watercolor on copper. Sterling and fine silvers. Brass comet tails. Chrysoprase faceted rondelles. Bee Wings. Bone Toggle.

I think when we feel lost
the veil might be the very thinnest it can be 
while we ride in these clunky bodies.

If we surrender that lostness with love
the way opens so beautifully:
not without pain, that's not the point,
I used to think that's the point - the place of painlessness.
That's not a human life.
That's the self-help section at Barnes and Noble.

I worked with an aching heart this week,
these last few weeks
and surrendered daily to the uncomfortable place
with as little dramatics as I could.

The result was such an intense focus
and such good solid workmanship.
My head flitted nowhere
on account of the tenderness in my chest
and it all grounded down through my hands into the metal
and it was so so so good.

I am incredibly happy to offer this work
It feels so full of healing
It was created so prayerfully
When everything else felt like fumbling
these strong bonds tethered everything right back up.


These four pieces will be in the




Cat said...

So I see that working in tenderness produces pieces that touch the tender spots of the heart...this is what happened when I looked at these pieces...painfully beautiful...just like life

love you Sunny♥really really BIG

love and light

Linny Kenney Leather said...

So beautiful!!!!!! Oh my goodness!