Friday, July 25, 2014

Hot Hot Heat

Fire and Ice Earrings. Pepper Tree Flower. Carnelian Pyramid. Brass Comet Tail.

Royalty. Amethyst Studs.

Black Eyed Susans Magic Spell Earrings. Clean Shoulders. Ocean Jasper, pink and mustard. 
Black Eyed Susan petals from my Mother's garden.

Heart of the Wish Earrings. Snakeskin imprint (naturally shed). Cicada wing. Kabamba Ocean Jasper. 
Brass wishbone.

Magic spells three and the most luscious simple amethyst studs.
Figures that the day I pour out my gratitude for summer heat
the thermostat is at 94 in San Jose.


This is nourishing, too.

Trickling in like water down your glass


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