Friday, April 23, 2010

Blooming All Over!

In the Studio, a custom order: a wedding clutch. So lovely: so much tooling that my right shoulder has developed a voice and written a petition for a full weekend of rest!

And outside?
Dios Mio!!

Huuuge roses in the front yard and all manner of blooming and butterflies in the back: I hope to capture a few for you with the camera in the coming weeks -


also hummingbirds
stray cats
and wasps!

We are positively surrounded by life here at the City Manse, both human and otherwise
and I've begun writing songs again.

Phil and Jessi's nuptuals are next weekend, which means another visit to the south of the state, lots of music and tonnnnns of love.

It would seem my heart is blooming as well :)



Corinna said...

So lovely to see you *blooming* in your new home and life!

Hugs and kisses from the great white (but currently a tad dusty and brown) North.


jaunebleu said...

The aromatic scent and beauty of your garden is spell bounding your work! Beautiful!

Heather Fawn said...

Beautiful post!!!

kerin rose said...

beautiful post, beautiful art!

Anonymous said...

Look at those roses!

Listen to your shoulder: get it a massage!

Dave said...

sweet about the songwriting... miss the videos too...


MrsLittleJeans said...

Beautiful flowers...beautiful doubt your are becoming super muscular : )


Good Girls Studio said...

Blossoms galore! What a very special clutch! Lucky bride!