Monday, April 26, 2010

Tonight, tonight, it all began tonight.....

Snapped up already

However there are four more

Opportunities to take home

pieces constructed from pure love

sterling, 14k and exceptional stones

born of a time filled with joy in this new phase of life.
Each piece has its own story
and I will share that tale with you
in the Metal Shop.

Love love love (can you feel it!?!),


Kelly Reece said...

Wow! The attention to detail is incredible! You really are one talented lady!

dailycoyote said...

ooh ooh ooh.... and all but one already reside in the sold section this morning!! the greeeeeenns, the bluuuuues... I want to dive into those stones....

MrsLittleJeans said...

I am with the coyote, I like to live in those stones... Have a great one Allison!


Linny Kenney said...

How did we not meet!!?? I am riding my horse across America right now, but I left from the Bay area and I am a leather worker/singer songwriter. I heard about you as I was riding through Parker, AZ from a woman who is now a friend called Melissa. Your work is beautiful!