Saturday, April 17, 2010

Om Ring

I am a budding yoga practitioner: I have been going to classes for the better part of a year, three to four times a week.

It has become a part of my identity and a point of great humility, challenge and surrender in my life.

You see, I am not one of those beautiful yoga students whose Warrior Two looks like a battle ready Arjuna... you will not gasp at the grace in my Dancer's Pose. I am built with something other than physical postures in mind and yet I go back, time and time again, falling out and going into asanas the way some people read books.

It is a passion for me and I cannot imagine life without it.

I know that there is a whole tribe of women out there who feel like I do about yoga, and it is for them that I begin this series of "om" pieces.

This ring, besides featuring the sanskrit symbol (meticulously hand sawed) for the sound of all creation also boasts the most exquisite agua nueva cabochon: it is incredibly rare to find this agate with jet black bands surrounded by such delicious colors: sunlight yellow and series of lavender bands just before the moss at the edges.

The ring was constructed with an asymmetrical band, wider on one side than the other, implying that the beginning and the end of something are not that far away from each other at all.

The sterling has been finished with an oxidation and subsequent brushing, giving it a semi-matte shine and lifting the symbol off of the silver page.

Size 6.25: in the Metal Shop now !


Jaime said...

wow Allison - it is stunning!


reconstructing sarah said...

so very lovely :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

Lovely idea and lovely rendition! I am yoga less now but need to get back into it!


Nancy*McKay said...




Jodes said...

this is so gorgeous - the stone and the handiwork.

i also feel the same way about yoga. i always describe myself as an aspiring yogini and always will. i am not the most flexible or the most balanced, but i have improved greatly in those areas. it is a biproduct though to learning to be still, quieting my mind, mastering my breath, and synchrnozing my body, mind and spirit.

beautiful post.