Monday, April 12, 2010

In the Details

You'll find my loving touch.
The plant stand in the picture is from the 1800s, a gift from my Mom: she gave me the thumbs up to shabby chic it and so I did -
four coats of yellow paint (top only) and some strategic edge and corner sanding later....

This room is coming together with such grace: all of the accessories I've found have been red:
just like my cabinets for tools and findings
just like my beloved quirky cherry red rivet press

Plants abound

James Taylor plays on my turntable.

Tomorrow is the day Fedex predicts my silver table will arrive (happy squeak!!) and then on the 14th you better bet I'll be taking copious pictures of the finished space, because it is magificent and I am
More than ever before the space in which I place my tools and materials
feels really holy.

I've picked out four stones for a group of rings and necklaces:
I am going to go in there now and do a bit of tooling,
see how the hammer sounds as it falls in this new place.

I wish you could all come over: I would make you coffee and we'd talk for so long that eventually you'd be asked to stay for dinner!!

Homemade red beans and rice are on the menu tonight with fresh pork sausage and a big green salad :)

Love to you,


Alice Istanbul said...

I love the colors! And dinner sounds delicious. Glad you're settling in nicely :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

Creating new vibes in the new studio...lovely; your home decorating skills, lovely; dinner---lovely again! So important to beautify everything and you do it beautifully...


Dave said...

joy... love the turntable... boy I have to get mine fixed or after 37 years buy a new one... it makes all the music one half step higher.

terra said...

Can I come visit like ASAP??!
It looks so lovely and I miss you so much. So so so so much.
(From Idaho Falls)

Heather Fawn said...

Allison!!! Your new place is so beautiful, I am loving the colors on the walls and that table is awesome!!!! And now my tummy is growling thing of rice, red beans, and sausage.
I am so happy to hear that you love your new working space so much. I think we all know amazing pieces will come from you. I think a bit of you attaches to your jewelry and makes us all smile a little bigger when they arrive to our homes. I CANNOT wait to see what you come up with.
I am so happy for you, you deserve it all♥

jaunebleu said...

Allison, the place of creation is sacred and you are gorgeously solidifying that magic!

UmberDove said...


Ok. That color makes me swoon - I think I may have fallen straight off the sofa the moment I saw it. YUM

I love that your new space is coming together so thoughtfully, so purposefully - there are so many rewards you will reap for that loving care. This new body of work will be amazing. I have no doubt at all.

On another note: So it looks like I'll be doing quite a few trips down into the bay area over the next few weeks [and maybe months] and will be probably staying with a friend in SJ. SO, I would LOVE to take you out - let's make a date!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Alice: Thank you: It's a relief to love the new place so much :)

MLJ: Yaaaaay Vibes!!!!

Dave: oh, dear - you can get a cheap-y and hook it into your good stereo speakers :)

Terra: Get in my BELLEH!!!!! Goodness how I miss you.
Come stay with us as soon as you get off tour.

Heather - Eeeeek!! :) Thank you so much, honey - this is all very exciting!

Jaune: thank you so much - I want to honor that magic most certainly!

Umber: bring on the dates!!!! :) I'd love to see you while you're down!
And the color? You'll faint in person: I'll have the salts on hand :)