Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yes, I know it's not a word, but something so big has changed in me.

It's not as though I am beginning as a wife, as a silversmith, leathercrafter or singer....
it's that I am re-beginning.

Things have a zest to them. I am looking forward to every breath, to every taste that life has to offer me right now.

In that spirit I started two pieces yesterday in the midst of such hullabaloo - such joy and flowering was in my heart that it nearly hurt.

I poured that sweetness into two pieces:

A simple, elegant carnelian druzy with a sprout tree on the back: I'll let that surprise you in the listing ;)

It is so juicy, let me tell you.... what a drusy. What a wonder a simple setting can be - there are stones I feel so strongly about that I tend to set them sparely.
This is one of them.
Sweetly orange-red, like a blood orange.

Can you feel how I feel about this piece by simply looking at the pictures?
It is a piece of this experience I've been having lately:

When it's on the hand, it is the scene of a road cutting through a deep, dusky purple land to the pink horizon and the swath of luminous sky.

It is a reminder of this sentiment: we are on quite a journey as wee human beings, and that must be enough.
We tend to wish so much for our destination, but if we do haven't we missed the beautiful scenery along the way? Every goal is worthy, but so is every step taken to reach it.

Sometimes that journey must be all the beauty we need:
we are never static, even if we sit in bed all day eating peanut butter and watching Hulu:
there are things afoot-


and so onward, towards the most beautiful horizon
always remembering to look around and appreciate the step you're on:
it contains all the beauty of right now.

The ring is a huuuuge and insanely gorgeous piece of mookaite I found as a slab and had cut into this design by very talented hands.

The bezel is handmade: a triplicate of curved metal 'petals', like a tulip in the way they unfold and hug around the stone.
The canvas is a series of organic dips and the back of the ring a rustic oxidized delicacy,
both sides ever so gently hammered for hints of texture around every corner.
Size 8.5
Chock full of wonderment and intention.

Both will be in the Metal Shop (oh, that feels so good to say, to be back!!)
this evening.


Good Girls Studio said...

Re-beginning indeed...that ring is amazing! I can't imagine you ever sit in bed all day eating peanut butter & watching hulu ;)

Jaime said...

Allison, I always feel like I have met you at some point when I read your words, like a familiar soul I have crossed paths with you - a comfort.
♥ to you and re beginnings - thinking I might need something of similar sorts myself.

much love
PS that ring is ferocious!

thewindhover said...

such a beautiful journey reading your words and seeing your creations...

Corinna said...

I can't believe you are back at it so quickly, and oh my goodness, that mookaite. I was almost carried away by the sheer incredibleness of the ring that I could have popped over to your shop and snatched it up... completely forgetting that I owe the tax-man about a thousand dollars. At least spring is springing!!

The snow is gone in Edmonton, and there is green grass rising. Hooray!!