Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bring It


Makes Passes

At Girls

Who wear

Safety Goggles!!

With Love (and birdies!) from San Jose,

Allison & Kelly


jordan said...

too. freaking. awesome for words. you guys are the cutest!!

resolute twig said...

way to put safety first!!
you guys are awesome :)

Mari Huertas said...

And just when I thought I couldn't adore you any more than I already do.


Enjoy your time with that darling Dove!

Brooke said...

This makes me want to gather my goggles and come for a photo shoot. :)

DalaHorse said...

How do you say.....Fellini-esque! *lol* Allison I know you struggle with your sanity regularly...but now you've taken a hostage! Really! Love ya, Sue♥

Enjoyable zaniness, quirkiness,land of the lost, etc.!

Anonymous said...

you girls crack me up

and yes
so impressed with your safety precautions

love and light

lulu said...

ahhhhahaha, duh! ;)

goofing off at it's finest!

gallerydarrow said...

Haaaaaa HA HA THIS is fun!!!!!!!

Snailentina said...

awesome! you two are dangerous together, do this more often :)

Melissa said...

I want to play dress up at Allison's house.

Sunny Rising Leather said...


Everyone come over!!!!

I assure you there's enough fashion for everyone to wear something outlandish: we'll have a group badminton photoshoot!!!!

Oh, if wishes could come true!!! :)