Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Voyage

Sometimes you take a trip that ends up being so very much more than a simple mathematical equation of

two flights + time in between with friends or family = happiness or contentment...

Sometimes taking a flight somewhere creates a balm for your soul and your deepest wishes are all granted, quietly and with grace.

You get knitted together again by love


and a warmth that has nothing to do with temperature.

In the midst of this holiday season, I hope your hearts and minds found deepest rest and rejuvenation at the hands of those you love

And that you return to your daily lives completely cleansed of anything extraneous that does not serve you.

Certainly a few kittens

and their mittens

always make for a smile, too :)

The happiest of holidays to all of you, my ladies and men:

of late and always, you've shown me such kindness and care that it makes me feel like I am wearing the world's warmest, coziest sweater in the chill of the winter.

I love you.



MrsLittleJeans said...

the happiest of holidays to make me laugh, kittens and their mittens xoxo

DalaHorse said...

Sybil Ann said...

And to you.

Tasha Imajin said...

Your writing, dearest one, is like the sun beam that comes through the window in the middle of winter. I'm the cat, curled up and content and soaking up the rays. Happy, safe(!), wonderful New Year!

Anonymous said...

blessings to you this coming year

love and light

Anonymous said...

Back at you, Ms. Sunny. It's a pleasure to read your words.

Brooke said...

Allisonnnnnnn! You are so great, and I am so glad I know you. :) Happy holidays!

Nialah said...

Hi my dear Allison,

A very happy holidays to you and your family and friends.

Sending you lots of love this new years eve.



Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, my dear ladies!!!!
How I missed you all :)


CrowNology said...

You have given me much to ponder, love, enjoy this past year...
And with this post you've given me the mantra that will adorn my most looked at spaces...
"And that you return to your daily lives completely cleansed of anything extraneous that does not serve you."
Blessings and good wishes dear Allison.

Nancy*McKay said...

...YOU are what YOU give...
pure love & light!

& do i detect a little craftsman again????

CHEERS sweet lady,
Thank you for all your love & support!

gallerydarrow said...

Happy new year Allison it looks like your season has truly been bright.
xo, Ro

Dave said...

Happy New Years Allison & Anthony!

Corinna said...

So warm and snuggly! Happy holidays indeed.