Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things I love

This cabochon is finished! I call her "garden of Eden" for all the lush plume-y goodness that looks like fruits and plants and the wonderful sage green/blue translucent chalcedony around it all.

This incredible cab is Apache Plume Agate, verrrrry rare and quite valuable. Sorry, ladies, this one is all mine :)

Laguna Agate in the most va va va voom colors....

A handful of Tagua nut buttons for more scarves, necklaces and a BELT.
I am so so so so hoping I can log enough bed rest to be able to get into the shop for a few hours and finish the belt. It makes me weep with love.

50-year-old strange plastic charms - so odd, so perfect!

The neighborhood cats knocked over a plant on the front porch, effectively slicing off a piece of this plant from its mother ship with the broken shards of plant pot.

I took to the internet in order to save it, and read that succulents are so alive that they'll root anywhere.

She seems to be thriving.

Curious tidbit of note about this plant: it was gifted to me by a lovely woman with whom I did voiceovers several years back: she went on to become a chart-topping pop star.
True story!!

The first painting in the animal/leather series is becoming more than just an idea...

And lastly, I made one of these just for you.

This last Elk scarflette will be in the Leather Shop later today.



Nialah said...

Gorgeous cabochons, amazing painting, stunning scarflette all made by an amazing woman. Sending you so much love right now my awe-inspiring friend.



Sunny Rising Leather said...

You have lifted my spirits in more ways than I could ever say these last few days, and I love that YOU will be the reason I am so warm in Minneapolis :)


reconstructing sarah said...

so many exciting things seem to be on the horizon! i cannot wait to see your dreams :)

ps. very curious about the pop singer, too!

pss. my verification word is "restra"...i think it's a good sign that your bed rest is paying off!

susie said...

Thinking of you as you recover and wishing you the merriest of holiday seasons.

Oh, those stones-the stuff of dreams:)

Love the little tease about the chart topper, its where the paths we take lead us-such wonders always await.

Anonymous said...

A collection of lovely items--I must say the rainbow of tagua caught my eye.

Reading your account of your experience in the last post made me even more glad you came out so well; how frightening. Rest well!

Mari Huertas said...

The garden of Eden stone takes my breath away. Sweet myriad of soulful hues! I absolutely feel it in my bones.

I hope you are resting comfortably still but finding your way back to normalcy with each step in your own home, among those who love you.

Happy holidays, lovely. :)

kerin rose said...

having grown up in the SW, I can teach you the 'secret of succulents"...unlike regular houseplants, you lay them out on top of the pot of dirt, until they begin to sprout little roots....then you put them in the soil...voila! like a charm....which, speaking of, I think some of those little plastic ones might have been in my childhood treasure box....the deer-thing and the parrot look a bit familar :)

so happy you are using your creativity to return to a sense of healing and balance again.... xo

Cat said...

So happy to hear that you're resting well, and are surrounded by such beauty! And that of which you created! Swoon!

xo Bundle up!

MrsLittleJeans said...

A lot of pretty pictures ...Love them all! xoxo

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

wishing you health and continued happiness xo

Sunny Rising Leather said...


You make me treasure this place so much:

thank you for your kindness and wonderful well-wishes - they are coming true: I continue to heal :)