Monday, December 13, 2010

Impossible to Explain

This past week, I spent three days with a woman whose presence was

I tear up every so often when I think of our time together, the places we went and the things we saw, the endless conversations we had about things that mattered
and the way my heart felt so safe with her.

I will write more about our trip in a few days when my mind can fully grasp the honor of its purpose and the words to describe it can actually be found.

In the meantime, there are pieces I began with both of us sitting in my studio, informed as I must have been by the nature we tromped into and the holiness of it all.

These pieces will not be listed in the shop: they will be reserve only through the blog: they belong to someone specific and are so dearly tied to my heart that I cannot make them available to the general public just yet.

Convo me if either piece is Yours.


This little sacred bag is 5 inches wide, 2 inches deep and four inches tall. It fits more than you'd ever think in it, but I hope its purpose is holy.

Perhaps it is worn around the neck while you meditate
or through the woods, filled with amulets, oils and incense to be burned.

At the very end of its long natural edge top flap, a tiny milagro sits: 'protect this woman', it reads, and I have prayed that it will indeed.

A single young buck horn tooled leather badge rests above a shell button, majestic and soft all at once. The bag body is made from the softest ivory deerskin
and each connection is riveted for indestructible construction.

One side of rivets is mini, the other small: delicate and strong all at once.

The strap is 25 inches of hand-cut and hand-braided deerskin strands, organically shaped.

Little bits of organic hand-punched lace can be found in unexpected places, adding grace and lilt to the whole piece.

And then there's the scarflace, which doubles as a waist belt for a woman with a 25-27 inch waist: I'd have modeled it, but at 30 inches I didn't want to stretch out the piece nor change its structural integrity.


Natural edges, deer hide, antlers and tagua nut button...

Inlaid pink leather heart, carefully stitched into place with love.

This beauty is wide: 3.5 inches wide around the neck, 5 inches wide at the ends.

A little tiny milagro tag reads "Protect this woman", and the antlers are meant to do just that!

From end to end, this scarflette is 36 inches of beautiful, soft and meaningful prayers and hide.

I cannot wait to see to whom these pieces belong:
it's like Christmas :)



susie said...

Beautiful pieces. I really love the scarflets, dare say I've yet to see anything like them, so lovely.

Yesterday's picture made me smile-BIG:), thank you for that. It also got me digging around for some orange yarn and a good hat pattern I can tackle.

Wishing you joy in this holidays season and coming new year.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Beautiful indeed...xoxo