Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple and Warm

Collector's Morrisonite in shades of pink, ochre, khaki and cream. Unspeakably beautiful, incredibly rare.
Size 6.75.

It's like caramel and strawberries? Non?
Simply set with love.

Ocho agate with an open center: you know what that means for me: fill 'er up with granules!!!

It looks like feathers and sea stones... gorgeous!!

And finally, a stone I cabbed (now that I know the arbor is coming I can set my stones with abandon!!)
whose origin is unknown: it's a dendritic agate with a peach 'sky' and a rock outcropping of rhyolite matrix.
Looks a bit like late summer Petaluma in the evening: kind of like my bog header -


On the back I have set a warm, inviting piece of copper to keep you toasty all through the winter.
This piece is 16 inches, but has an extender chain finished with an elegant little bijoux.

All three will be in the Metal Shop this evening!



MrsLittleJeans said...

Beautiful...all of them! xoxo

DalaHorse said...

Did you say...carmel and strawberries....that's a most delicious ring....and the pendants look tasty too! Sue♥(B*A)

RosyRevolver said...

Absolutely beautiful. Like you.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

MLJ: thank you, my dearest!!!

Sue: I did, I did - I love caramels and strawberry: together I wonder what they'd taste like??!!

RR: I love you :)

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Gorgeous Allison - I love the idea behind the copper button on the back :-)

Anonymous said...


Wow that ring...I just love it..I can feel it...ya know?
and no I have not been drinking! ; )
love the pendants too, the feather one is particularly interesting
beautiful work Sunny
I love how a peice of you is in all your work, it really show