Monday, January 3, 2011

An Orphan Lucky Strike for You

Greetings from my teacup, my table and my hands!!
It is a beautiful day here in San Jose, sunny and chilly as can be.

Our back yard is overrun by the palm fronds that fell during a windstorm at the end of last week: they are 6 feet long and there are 22 of them on the ground and I kind of love them there.

Is that odd?

I made you an orphan from the stunning Lucky Strike agate from a few months back.
This one belongs on a middle finger, as it stretches a few fingers wide.

It can be made in any size and I will list it as an item tomorrow, January 4th at 2 PM Pacific Time.

The stone was cabbed by me some weeks ago, and the setting is a direct reflection of my current state:
fragile and yet completely strong
open and full all at once.

This is the unoxidized version, a little harder to imagine what it will look like finished, but I trust you can do it!

If you have any questions about the pricing or you just want to say "Hi!" please do convo me in the Metal Shop.

I will not be taking holds on this piece,
but I will certainly address any inquiries you may have.

Since I can only work for a few hours at a time, I've had to be super-choosy about what I do with the hours of my waking.

I have been bursting with the desire to engrave, and so I have been.
It feels so good, until I have to stop.

The above piece will be a ring, featuring a gorgeous (obscured in the photo, as I was going for the engraving full boar) piece of Laguna Agate cabbed by the Genius Hands of The Agate Works.

I cannot wait to see what it looks like finished!! :)

I am trying to be very careful with this body of mine, which requires a lot of gentleness.
Lots of Yin Yoga...
lots of sipping and reading

Thank you so much for not only the convos and emails, but the packages I have received and the wonderful holiday wishes everyone has been gifting us with....

I am blown away by you, my tribe.

AND I have to share this with you, as it was a first for me:
I had a dream, an odd and bizarre dream that I was at a summer camp and Madonna was the counselor in charge of a group of rag-tag adults, of which I was a part.

Right before the alarm rang, I was sitting next to a beautiful woman who was crooning a country song with her gritty, lovely voice.
As soon as I woke up, I wrote down the three lines she was singing, making note of the melody in my mind.

It stayed with me all throughout the morning and I wrote it down, a full chorus and my goodness, it is a doozy. Heartache, lost love....

Matt and Phil are coming up in a few weeks and we will write the verses together: this makes me so grateful :)



Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Just beautiful Allison.
I have had you in my thoughts plenty lately,
love from Canada,

Emily said...

Gaahhhh! Love those and am thrilled by the engraving. I adore how immediately recognizable it is as YOURS and how lovely it looks along side the stone. Beautiful work, Allison.

Sounds like you are recovering. Sending good thoughts your way and hope all of the healing continues.

Nialah said...

Hi my dear Allison,

Absolutely adore the rings and glad to see you are taking the time to heal your body.

Sending you lots of healing hugs



Sunny Rising Leather said...

Jaime - Thank you, my sweet woman :) Love to you from California :)

Emily: see your convo inbox :)

Nialah my wonderwoman, HUGS. :) xoxoxoxoxox

MrsLittleJeans said...

So lovely to see you Allison...I am glad you are taking it gently, fragile and strong...that is you.

Love the stones and the settings....

I had to also laugh, camp with Madonna : ) I immediately played in my head "like a virgin"... she has a great voice and incredible body!!

I wish you a lovely week ahead...we also have palm frond but no sun today, yet...